Sunday, January 24, 2010

Full of Glee...uh not so much.

So this past weekend the SAG awards took place. I am all about some award shows! I love the fashion, the awkward interviews on the red carpet, betting on the winners... the whole shabang! But most of all I LOVE when my favorite people are in attendance and better yet NOMINATED!

A little back story... I have been in love with Jeremy Irons since I was 9 years old. Of course at 9 I was in love with him in this form:

Then later fell in love with this one:

Sooo Jeremy was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries. Last week he lost the Golden Globe of the same category to Kevin Bacon and I figured this week would be a repeat. I mean I didn't even like the Georgia O'Keeffe movie! Buuuut Jeremy is wonderful in anything he does (well minus that Dungeons and Dragons movie, but come on he had a castle in Ireland he had just purchased. A man has got to pay them bills!). Despite not winning it was nice to see Jeremy on the red carpet. He also spoke in the intro which was a surprise!
Notice his FINE son, Max in background!

Jeremy losing was not my disappointment of the night. Here is my dilemma....
I like this show:

I love this show:

Both shows air at the same exact time and have been up for the same awards. Last week Glee took home the Golden Globe for Best Television Series Comedy or Musical. I was ok with this. I would have rather Modern Family because I think it is a better show ultimately but Glee winning was no big deal. I mean, I do like Glee!

This past weekend both were nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. I thought Modern Family had this in the bag.
As you can tell by this photo, I was completely wrong.

I just did not get it! Glee won best comedy ensemble over Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office, and Curb Your Enthusiasm? Glee is in no way funnier than those shows. I never really considered Glee a comedy. It's quirky and musical, but seldom down right funny. But where does it fit? In a way it is something new and innovative and there really isn't a category for it. I just fear Modern Family will never get its rightful recognition until the hype of Glee calms down. The hype around it is making me resent it. Well, it's either the hype, of the fact that the lead male, Cory Monteith is terribly mediocre in every way. Or it could be my hatred for Lea Michele? Yes, I have pretty much disliked her since she first appeared in Spring Awakening. Something about her has always rubbed me the wrong way. A friend of mine, knowing how much I dislike her, went and took this picture with her back in 2008 to be funny:

Hi Heather! This is for you!

I just think with Glee the novelty will wear off soon and people will see that the show in no way was up to par with the comedies it was nominated with.

One thing I wasn't frustrated with was the fashion of the SAG Awards. Everyone looked great, very few fashion mishaps. Standouts for me were Diane Kruger and Marion Cotillard. Gorgeous, perfect, flawless, breathtaking are a few words that come to mind.

The SAG awards were fun....and short which is great because sometimes these award ceremonies drag on a little too long. Now I just have to wait until February for the BIG deal, The Academy Awards. Can't Wait!

Oh and do yourself a favor. If you are not familiar with Modern Family you should educated yourself. Introducing Phil Dumphy, yo!

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  1. I think glee is funny...

    and I LOVE Lea Michele. I think she's fab.
    You got it right about Cory tho.. he's on the other hand is cute and a waste of time. I do like to follow him on twitter tho.

    I really like reading your Blog Heather, I think it'll be a nice way of keeping up with whats going on in your life.