Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Times are a changing.

I haven't posted on this ol thing recently and felt like I needed to make a quick update even if it isn't a full on blog entry. Since my last post I have had quite a bit happen in my life. The loss of my beloved dog of 16 years and the loss of a friend who was stationed in Iraq. These two incidences have set me back from fully settling in here in Chicago. I have been home twice since the move and things feel so temporary. I know in time I will find my niche here but it is taking some time. One great thing to happen since my last post is a new puppy added to our family. I couldn't bare living without a dog in my life. It has been over two months... three months next week since his passing. I get the new puppy on friday and I am so very excited. I loved Chance so very much and think about him everyday. This new little pup will help fill that void but never replace. Both these little guys have and will be very important in my life and I am so excited to start this journey all over again.